Monday, May 17, 2010

Tomten Jacket

I made a red toddler-sized jacket using a yarn called "I Love This Yarn." It's from Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann. It was really fun and easy to make. I think it is cute!

This was my first sweater. Now I'm working on a sweater for myself. It will be made out of green wool.

(posted by Chloe)


  1. That is amazing!!! I could never be able to do that! :P

  2. Chloe,
    I'm very impressed! I have the Knitting Without Tears book and have made a couple of baby surprise jackets, you should try one, they're fun. By the way, I am seriously coveting the yarn you sent to Nikita for her birthday. It was very thoughtful of you and I can't wait to see the scarf she's going to make. In the meantime I may have to start a tomten on my own needles soon. Good work!

    Nikita's mom

  3. Thank you! I will have to try a baby surprise jacket sometime!