Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jam on Biscuits, Jam on toast...

...Jam is the thing that I like most...

Recently, we went strawberry picking at a friend's garden. We picked two enamel bowlfuls. One was huge!
So anyway, we took the stems off and put them all on a cookie sheet. Then a little bit of sugar was sprinkled over the berries. Into the freezer they went. I think they will go into freezer bags soon!

With the overripe berries, we made freezer jam. Freezer jam is really nice because you don't have to cook the fruit. You just mash four cups of fruit, add sugar, and some pectin. (The pectin makes the jam not so liquid.) Then they go in the fridge or the freezer. Mom won't let us eat it yet though. She says we have to finish the store-bought jelly first. Which is going to take a while, because it's a Costco-sized jar. Oh well.

...Blackberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, I'm very,


(Frances the Badger)

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