Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weston Apple Fest, Antique shopping, and Lawrence, Oh My!

On Saturday, we went to the Weston Apple Fest. There's always the hay - bailer, and the pot of apple butter. We have come to realize that the apple fest is fun, but was more enjoyable when we were younger.  While we were in Weston, we went to a local antique store to look around. I took some pictures of some of the neat things they had. After the Apple Fest, we drove to Lawrence and ate at"The Mad Greek." Chloe, my Mom, and I went to the "Yarn Barn," while Liam and my dad walked around. In The Yarn Barn, we saw how to spin yarn out of wool. It actually is really interesting! Later that evening, we went to some property in Desoto to roast marshmallows and play around in the fire. Saturday was quite an adventure! Here are some pictures: 

(Post and some pictures by Mia)

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  1. What an enormous woodpile! :) Looks like you all had fun!