Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Desk Set

Desk Set was a movie made in the 1950's- it was about 4 women who worked in an office and were worried when someone tried to put a computer in their department (research). For a better summary, click here.

This was the Freshman Play at school. I played the parts of a party guest and a reporter.
Everyone worked really hard and did a good job. It was really fun!
I also brought a lot of props because we have lots of vintage stuff around the house. (Like old cameras)

(we have this camera)
There's a little button that you press on top that releases the flashbulb.
During dress rehearsal the boy who was the photographer (not pictured) accidentally pressed that button. Oops. I kind of hoped that it would fall out during the play so I could glare at him... but it didn't. Oh well.
I also brought some books (as seen in previous posts) and other things (like a velvet men's robe) 

Here are some pictures: (I have no pictures of the actual production - wasn't allowed to take any)

From left to right (parts in play) : Miss Warriner,  The Reporter, Mr. Abe Cutler, Man in Shirt Sleeves, and The Lady in the Blue Suit. (The girl in the Dr. Pepper shirt in between is the Lady in the Blue Suit's friend)

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