Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daphne and Delilah the Second

Once upon a time there were two monsters- one named Marguerite and the other named Molly (Molly's the little one) and they went shopping.

Sunglasses shopping: (Marguerite particularly loves sunglasses shopping)

 How about these?

Ooh... very retro. 
(She purchased these, don't ask me why... i think they're cute though!)

now off to the salon...

blonde poof? no thanks. 

red pompadour? not this time...

long purple waves? maybe this summer.

orange beehive? perfect. :D

"mommy? can we go now? I'm bored." said Molly.

So off they went to the bakery and ate cupcakes. 

The End...

pattern "Daphne and Delilah" by Rebecca Danger

(posted by Chloe)

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