Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daphne and Delilah go Adventuring

Once upon a time there were two little monsters. They got a picture taken for their passports so they could go on an adventure! Daphne (the striped one) and Delilah (the little one) love to go traveling.

After flying in an imaginary plane to the living room they posed in front of a lovely backyard view! (It's very cold and snowy)

Then, they went tree-climbing. Delilah was very excited about this as you can plainly tell by her expression and outstretched arms. In fact, she was excited throughout the whole vacation.

Next, they sat on top of a birdhouse so they could admire the scenery better. (It gives a better viewpoint because it's higher off the ground, you know.)

Finally, they were wrapped up in some nice soft tissue paper and sent off to a birthday party!

The End!

(story and monsters written and knitted by Chloe, pictures by Mia)

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