Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A 'C'? A 'C'?

(posted by Mia)

"A 'C'? A'C'? I go a 'C' on my coathanger sculpture? How could anyone get a 'C' in coathanger sculpture? May I ask a question? Was I judged on the sculpture itself? If so, is it not true that time alone can judge a piece of art? Or was I judged on my talent? If so, then is it not unfair that I be judged on a part of my life over which I have no control? If I was judged on my talent, than I was judged unfairly; for I tried as hard as I could! Was I judged on how much I had learn from this project? If so, then were not you, my teacher, also being judged on how well you transmit your knowledge to me? Are you willing to share my 'C'? Perhaps I was judged on the quality of coathanger itself out of which my sculpture was made.....now is this not also unfair? Am I to be judged on the quality of coathangers used by the dry cleaning establishment that returns our garments? Is that not the responsibility of my parents? Should they not share my 'C'?"

- You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

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