Saturday, April 30, 2011

Books With Pictures, Books With Words!

As quoted by Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast.

This was my first musical! (Not counting elementary school shows.)
I loved it soooooo much! It was super fun and everyone was awesome!
I'm still quoting lines around the house, and I think it would be hilarious to quote them at school, but not many people would get it. So I won't. But anyway... here's a picture.

Oh, and I had a microphone in the first scene, so when it came time for mic checks, I had to say my (one) line about 12 times. 'Is he dangerous?" Is he dangerous? I said, IS HE DANGEROUS?!?!
So one of the others kept asking me 'Is he dangerous?" So funny.  Also, there was a running joke about how I was a terrible mother. (My part was Lady with Babies.) In the first scene, I'm herding my child around the marketplace. Later on, I'm dancing and drinking in the tavern. (Gaston was the song, you may know it...) And then, off I go with a pitchfork to try and kill the beast! (Mob Song... ah, good times. Trying not to trip over my long petticoat was the main focus there...)

I had to curl my hair for a week - going to school with ringlets was interesting
But I got lots of compliments! :)
Oh, and Erin was in this one too. (See this post. She was Miss Warriner.)
There are more pictures on Trilogy's website, if you'd like to see them!

(posted by Chloe)

PS. I'm in another musical - one of Trilogy's summer shows. It's a combination of most of the Disney princesses. I'm Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Mia is a maiden. 

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