Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vintage Cookbooks

Oh, the joys of thrifting. Vintage cookbooks for 3 dollars? Yay! This is the latest addition.

(copyright 1941)

And of course it's fun to see what people have handwritten inside, like in this one :
"To Jane,  for Bobby's benefit, with love to both - Marg."

When I was flipping through this on the way home, I came across a description for Norwegian Prune Pudding. (Actually, I think it must be a combination of Tapioca Cream and Norwegian Prune Pudding, seeing that there is actually not any tapioca in the Norwegian Pudding...) {Under the category 'Desserts Children Like'}

"Pieces of dark meaty prune, ready for the picking, float enticingly in creamy tapioca."

Somehow I don't think that this would be a well-loved dessert around our house...
Oh, and here's another rather strange recipe. (My Dad said to include this one.)

Braised Possum? No thanks. 

But, there are many recipes that sound delicious. Fudge Cake, Gingerbread Upside-Down Cake, Blackberry Jam Cake, Kuchen, Hot Cross Buns, Potato Soup, etc. etc. etc....

Oh, and there's also Eel in Aspic. (not under the Delicious category!!!!!)

(posted by Chloe)


  1. Braised 'possum, eh?! Regular vittles in our Canadian home. You can prepare weasel the same way. Not to mention skunk... Wolverine!

    Mr. Jamie :)

  2. Yeeeeeeeuk! Honestly I don't think I could eat that, chloe!